Nic’s Keto Diet (NKD) was developed in the light of a growing trend for keto dieting, for which there is now a multi-billion-dollar market in the United States alone. It is a simplified version of the original Keto Diet that still produces incredible results. It involves a combination of intermittent fasting, mindful eating and an emphasis on organic products.

Nic's Story

The key features which distinguish my approach from other keto diets are: 

  • Its simplification of the process.
  • The integration of intermittent fasting and exercise.
  • The integration of Mindful eating.
  • Much more emphasis on greens and vegetables (inspired by Dr.Berg* another inspirational keto and Intermittent fasting speaker).

Aside from keeping you healthy and adding variety, these foods help prevent constipation, which is often a problem with the Atkins and other low carb diets.


Mindfulness – focusing the attention on the present moment – is all the rage nowadays. It can be applied as much to eating and drinking as to anything else.


  • Eating slowly, without distraction. 
  • Paying close attention to the sensory qualities of your food: colour, aroma, taste, mouthfeel and texture. This makes eating a much more satisfying experience.
  • Learning to distinguish between genuine hunger and ‘conditioned’ triggers for eating (e.g. “It’s 1pm so I must be hungry”). 
  • Stopping eating when you are full.
  • Learning to deal with anxiety and guilt about food.
  • Being aware of the effects different foods have on your feelings and well-being.
Nic's Story

Intermittent Fasting

Nic's Story

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is an important element of my diet. It’s not compulsory but it is hugely beneficial.

What is Intermittent Fasting? (IF)

  • The voluntary withholding of food.
  • It has been practiced throughout all of human history. 

How it helps? 

  • Encourages your system to start using stored body fat as fuel.
  • Helps to get you in ketosis and get you burning off excess body fat. 
  • Faster weight loss as fat is the body’s preferred fuel. 
  • Saves us time and money


How Nic's Diet is Different

Like intermittent fasting, exercise is a desirable aspect of the keto diet. Here are some of the benefits found when exercising: 

– Speeds up the rate at which body fat is burnt. 

– Helps lower metabolic age. 

Please remember that when following the  Keto lifestyle, exercise is desirable but not absolutely essential. 


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