My story

My name is Nicolas. I’m a 47-year-old education focused business manager, and I have been a university and hospital administrator for many years. I’m unusual in some ways. For a real treat, I nibble on a lump of butter. But 18 months ago I was enormous. Now I’m slim, fit and happy. I was born in Beirut in 1971, the eldest of four siblings. My father’s family were originally Greek, but they fled from what used to be called the Ottoman Empire in the 1900s. My mother was Lebanese. When I was a baby, I used to cry and cry until she gave me another feed. From the start, I had double doses of food. My mother was always opposed to food with anything added, including sugar. She prepared all our food at home to avoid the harmful effect of industrial packaged sweets and treats. But I still got chubby. I lost weight during puberty but that was due to hormonal factors. I soon started putting it back on again. Most of the people on my father’s side of the family are big. I have one cousin who is so fat he can’t freely walk. I seem to have inherited a predisposition in this direction.

How My Diet is Different
How My Diet is Different

I believe that for more than 40 years, we have been sold a lie about diet. As somebody immersed in the world of medicine, I have a powerful desire to help overturn society’s misguided nutritional assumptions. I also feel that I have a duty to share what I have learned. 

If my small, very humble book can attract a few more people to the keto diet, writing it will have been worthwhile.

My Mission

I see my mission as having two parts. The first is a technical challenge: showing people how to lose weight and become healthier and happier. The second part is the adaptive challenge of changing mentalities.

How My Diet is Different

Who is Nic and what is his diet?

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